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Wellness Policy
Focus on Wellness

At the regular Board of Education meeting on Monday, August 1, 2016, the Board approved a new Administrative Procedure (AP) related to our School Wellness Policy.  The AP supports the health and safety of all students during the school day. Our Food & Nutrition website resources for parents including a school meals calendar and a healthy snack calculator. More resources will be added to this website throughout the year.  

To read the approved AP related to wellness, Click Here. Here are some of the highlights:
  • Schools will support and promote sound nutrition for students. Nutrition education will be part of the District's comprehensive health education curriculum in alignment with the Illinois Learning Standards.
  • Classroom parties must be celebrated at school without food. Alternative non-food classroom celebrations are allowable such as fall parties, Valentine's and winter celebrations.
  • Birthdays are to be celebrated at school without student-provided food. Alternative non-food birthday celebrations may be used.
  • All teachers and staff are encouraged to promote healthy eating behaviors. Any curricular activities involving food within the school buildings shall require an exemption procedure form which must be submitted and approved by the building principals prior to the planned activity.
  • Prohibit the use of food as a classroom reward.
  • In an effort to promote healthy eating behaviors, it is recommended snacks provided from home and consumed in the classroom meet the USDA Smart Snacks in School School Wellness Policy (6:50) Food Allergy Guidelines. Any food containing a nutrition label can be entered into the Smart Snacks Calculator to determine compliance. The school district suggests:
    • Fruit (Fresh, Dried, Frozen, Canned in natural juice)
    • Vegetables (any variety)
    • Water
The new AP was drafted with the help of the School Wellness Committee including parents, staff, nutrition experts, nursing staff, and administrators.  
Click here for the School Wellness Exemption Form.
*Please note: The Wellness Policy AP is not the same as the Food Allergy Management Program