Glen Ellyn District 41 offers a hot lunch program at all of our schools in addition to a breakfast program at both Churchill and Hadley.  Our mission is to nurture all children through access to nutritious balanced meals. These meals foster proper growth and development to prepare students for success. Meal service in Glen Ellyn District 41 is provided by your neighboring school district, Marquardt School District 15.

Menu's are planned by our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist to meet all the nutritional requirements of the federal meal program as well as offer a variety of foods that are nutritious and appealing to students. We pride ourselves in the variety of both fruits and vegetables that are offered daily.  Fruit options include fresh produce, which is local when seasonally available, canned fruit in natural juices, and dried fruit.  We offer a variety of fresh vegetables that provide students with an array of vitamins and minerals by providing dark green leafy, red/orange veggies, and legumes.  All grains on the menus are whole grain rich and we focus on the use of lean protein options.  All of our meals meet the calorie, fat and sodium guidelines as set forth by the USDA and our selections are served in age appropriate portions.  We offer only fat-free flavored or white milk (rBST free). Milk is part of a school meal; however, it is also sold separately for those who choose to bring a lunch from home.

Color menu's are sent home with students the first day of school.  Printable versions of the menu's are available on this site. All nutritional information is available and ingredient listings are available upon request.  

If you require a modified menu for your student due to severe food allergies please complete the Modified Menu Request Form and return it to your school's office.  Please note that all products served in our programs do not contain peanuts or tree nuts in the ingredient label.

Why is school breakfast so important?? Did you know that breakfast is offered at both Churchill and Hadley? Click here to learn about the benefits of breakfast in the classroom.

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Nutritional information for all menu's can be found on the interactive monthly menu's listed below.  


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